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The Greatest Sandwich In The World

August 14, 2010

It’s hard to begin a blog about food with what is the ultimate sandwich on planet Earth. But that is in fact where I am starting, at the top, with the full expectation that everything else I will eat or blog about here that comes between two slices of bread will be lesser. And so, with that, I join the chorus of praise for the Hot Lob at Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough in Noank, Connecticut.

The experience today begins with a lengthy wait on line. That makes sense, as it is a perfect summer Saturday. Nonetheless, it incentivizes getting everything you want at the order window, lest you be made to wait again.

That said, the wait is well worth it. The Hot Lob is 1/4 pound of chopped lobster meat on a grilled bun, dressed in butter. It is simple. It is perfect.

Today’s was particularly good. The bun was crunchy and flavorful, the lob nice and hot. On some occasions, we’ve had some less-than-hot lobs, and as good as the luke warm lob is, the Hot Lob is the best.

Part of what makes it work is the fact that when you bite into the conical portion, you won’t pull it all apart by dragging the one jumbo piece of lobster out. The preparation is better than that. The experience is more akin to eating a burger, made of savory chunks of fresh lobster.

On this excursion, I decided to also try the lobster salad roll. My conclusion is that it is precisely the equivalent of the burger at Peter Luger’s. Sure, it’s terrific, but to come all this way for anything other than the star of the show is ultimately an error and a waste of your trip. Unless, of course, a lobster roll is really all you want. Theirs is not too heavily mayonnaised, flavorful, with a slight vinegar note in fact. Not overwhelming, though.

Of course, part of what makes the whole thing wonderful is also the excellence of Abbott’s layout. You can enjoy the lovely afternoon at one of their numerous picnic tables, watching boats sail slowly by-or pull up to the restaurant itself. The restaurant abuts a harbor along Fisher’s Island sound. It’s a family friendly place, with a fair number of kids, but there’s plenty of space out back for them to run around without disturbing you.

FYI – there’s no liquor here. That said, plenty of people bring their own wine, beer or even champagne.

For me, this place is very close to paradise. The food is sensational, the view is tier one, the sandwich is the greatest thing between two slices of bread. The whole experience is pure magic. Just go.

Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough
117 Pearl Street
Noank, Conn. 06340
(860) 536 7719

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