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Murray’s Sturgeon Shop Is Amazing

November 16, 2010


Epic. Delicious. Wonderful. Perfect.

I absolutely love Murray’s. It’s an Upper West Side institution and one of an altogether diminishing breed of New York City specialty shop. It trades in fish, particularly cured fish. I think their tuna fish, which you can see spread on a half of a bialy above, is the best in the city. It’s loaded (but not overloaded) with onions. It is rich and delicious and an absolutely wonderful thing to have for a Sunday brunch.

A delicious, flavorful treat, for sophisticated palettes.


Speaking of Sunday brunch, may I suggest sampling the pickled herring in cream sauce? It’s not for everyone, I think, I mean it took me a while to come around to it, but it’s creamy and delicious. The onions, however, steal the show.

I should take a moment and praise the expert and courteous staff of Murray’s who know their wares inside and out. They’ll hand cut Nova Scotia salmon, or delicious sable, along with other wonderful goods. If you go for the sable, get plain cream cheese, if you go for Nova, scallion cream cheese is called for. Also, they sell bialys (if you’re lucky they’re not sold out), so please do us all a favor and do the whole thing right and get them.

It’s hard for me to sing the praises of Murray’s enough. I love it, you can’t go wrong there.

Murray’s Sturgeon Shop
2429 Broadway
NY, NY 10024

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