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I am a native New Yorker and lifelong foodie who now, in my spare time, is putting my love of great eats – and knowledge of excellent spots – on the web.  There’s too much good food in New York City to waste a meal on lousy fare. What’s more, I love good food blogs and use them all the time. That’s the standard I aspire to – to make this a reliable, handy blog for you about food in and around New York City. I’ll attempt to be diligent about updating whenever possible – and appropriate.

This blog will have a particular focus on the best food on the Upper West Side and the best food in Greenwich Village and Midtown since that is where I live and work. Of course, it won’t be restricted to that, but… .

All photos on this site were taken by me, somewhat clumsily, on an iPhone. The images are all copyright, except where otherwise credited.

You can send me an email at junkforjz [at] hotmail [dot] com.

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