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The Original Sandwich Shoppe Is Delightful

December 11, 2010

Freshness lurks within. Santas to be explained later.

The Original Sandwich Shoppe on Greenwich has been serving up fresh, tasty fare for years. Their trademark (I think) is that they specialize in using truly market-fresh ingredients. They also have a delightful herbal mayonnaise that adds a wonderful panache to their sandwiches.

The cubano.

I got the cubano. Roast pork, ham, mayo, dijon, pickles and more. Man is it delicious.

Santacon. Oy.

The biggest minus on this day was twofold. One, it was Santacon, and there were hundreds, if not thousands, of college-age kids dressed as Santas getting hammered even in the middle of the day. The second is that the sandwich is a touch greasy. All that said, it is terrific. The pickle flavor is strong against the dijon and mayo. The roast pork adds a heartiness. The foccacia bread was flaky, light and delicious.


I also strongly recommend a mixed lemonade. They make it fresh (I think). I get mine with strawberry. Very, very tasty.

The Original Sandwich Shoppe

58 Greenwich Ave # A
New York‎ NY
No website
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