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Schnitzel & Things Impresses

December 27, 2010

That's a big sandwich.

It had been a while since I tried the food from the Schnitzel & Things truck. Seems to me I used to get their platters, which included a large piece of schnitzel and some sides served in a plastic container. I recall thinking though that the sandwich was the way to go, and decided to remember why.  Immediately upon receiving my order, I remembered: It’s huge! Biggest sandwich from a truck I’ve gotten.

Fried goodness.

The schnitzel’s texture is crispy, but it gives. At the vendor’s suggestion, I got the pork schnitz with spicy sriracha and ginger, scallion and garlic relish. The effect was very pleasant. The sriracha adds just a bit of heat, just enough to wake it up, but not enough to overwhelm. It works well with the rich bread coating.  The ginger, scallion & garlic relish melded well with the other flavors, but added a strong salt.

The schnitzels are (naturally) thin.

The bread itself is a bit surprising. It looks like its substantial, but really it’s more like a pita in its texture when you tear into it. The lettuce and tomato aren’t particularly fresh and seem like an afterthought… they could be better (then again, it is December). Tasting this I think more of the flavors come from the breading, dressing and such than the actual substance being schnitzed. I suppose there’s a pork note in there somewhere, but I couldn’t really tell, and it doesn’t much matter. I guess it is akin to finding the pork note in an egg roll. I will say that this texture flavor combo makes me strongly consider getting the cod schnitzel next time. Overall, the sandwich was delicious and offers superior bang for buck – it’s a lot of good eating.

Schnitzel  & Things

Moves to various locations around Manhattan, check their website for info.

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