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Unless You Like It When Your Pork Tastes Like Fish, Avoid Dallas Jones Bar B Q

March 30, 2011

A very small storefront, just two tables or so inside.

While scouring the West Village for places to grab lunch I spotted a true hole-in-the-wall on a side street that seemed like it had some promise: Dallas Jones Bar B Q.

The place was so tiny. I am a bbq fan, and know most of the main players in town, but this had eluded me. Could it possibly be any good? The rest of the food I’d been having in the neighborhood had been surprisingly high quality, albeit expensive. Here was a cheap ‘cue joint. What the heck.

What about $8 gets you at Dallas Jones Bar B Q.

I ordered their pulled pork sandwich lunch special. For about $8, you get a pulled pork sandwich, fries, slaw and lemonade. It’s an impressive volume of food for the price. Too bad what I ate wasn’t any good.

The bun was useless, as it turned out.

By “wasn’t any good” I mean I chucked it, which is something I almost never do. But the flavor of what I was eating was utterly baffling and frankly off-putting.

Visually, the pork looked pretty good. Thick, ropey pieces of pulled pork, with some heft, not reduced to that fatty gel you can get at some crap places. That said, the bun was useless, sopped through and falling apart. I ditched it and put the pork in a pile.

The pork, minus the bun. Visually, it looked pretty good... .

The flavor was entirely wrong. I am not sure what it tasted like, but I know it wasn’t barbecue. To me, it was sour and faintly fishy. It was truly noxious to eat. There was a faint mix of styles (as such) at work, almost as though the cook was making his way down south by way of Cuba and China. When is barbecue not barbecue?

Truly the dish tasted more like Chinese food than anything else. Was it a sweet & sour sauce? Sweet and sour pickle sauce? With the faint scent of discarded fish skin?

Fortunately the thick, hearty french fries were on point. Some had potato skins still on them.

A forkful of pork.

I don’t know what to make of what I ate. It was awful and faintly nauseating. Is it possible I simply had a bad meal? Maybe… how else do you explain the Yelp ratings the place gets. What gives? How could this place have endured since 1984?

I wasn’t poisoned, thank God, but wow – what I ate there was atrocious. Blecch.

I’m going to assume it was just bad luck on an off day.

Dallas Jones Bar B Q

178 West Houston Street
Ne w York, NY 10014
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  1. Fizzer permalink
    July 18, 2011 8:26 pm

    Fishy Pork is due to mass farming of cheap pork.

    The taste comes from the feed, we call it ‘Whey’ or ‘Fish Meal’ in England.

    Supposed to be weaned off it for a couple of weeks, to remove the fishy taste from the meat. But cheaper pig breeders don’t.

    A lot of pork going like this, it’s called profit over quality. You want nice food, you have to pay 🙂

    • July 19, 2011 10:20 am

      Thanks for the insight. I had no idea pigs are fed fish meal, but I do understand they’ll eat just about anything. The stuff they served me was disgusting.


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