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Revisiting The Calexico Cart, This Time For Tacos

April 25, 2011

The beef and pork tacos from Calexico.

Last time I tried Calexico street cart I was impressed by the quality of their burrito, but questioned the $9 price point. I figured I go back and take a run at their tacos. I am glad I did, because frankly they are excellent, and well worth their combined $7 price point ($9 with the rice and beans). Take a look at them. They looked great.

A good portion of delicious beef.

The beef taco was delicious. Squeezing the fresh lime atop it added the zest you’d imagine. One thing that was interesting about the beef was its faint char flavor. There was sweet tomato, as well as cilantro and guacamole. What can I say? It’s a winner. A gourmet taco for sure. My tongue tingled from the low, simmering spice.

The pork taco. Pickled onions!

The pork taco was totally different. Not surprisingly, it is sweeter. I love pickled onions, and there’s the white crema sauce. The tomato flavor was somehow stronger and amazingly sweet – almost to a candy level of sweetness, and it was almost too much for me. But tasty for sure.

Plenty of diced tomatoes.

Next time I’ll save $2 and skip the excellent rice and beans. They were very delicious, the beans not overdone mush, the rice pleasant and the diced tomato/pico de gallo topping was also lovely. It’s worth the $2, that’s not the issue, it’s just that the two tacos were basically enough food, and I didn’t really need it. Get it if hungry.

Compared to the burrito, the tacos were much better (though the burrito was also very good). It’s just that the flavor of the tacos comes through much more clearly, it’s plenty of food. I personally preferred the beef.

Damn good stuff.

Calexico Cart

Wooster & Prince Street, M-F, 11:30-4

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