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BREAKING NEWS: Prime Burger To Close?

May 22, 2012

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the news is true, and Prime Burger will be closing this Saturday. For more information, click here

Truly upsetting news, folks.

The iconic, wonderful, delightful, excellent, in all ways wonderful, joyful, makes me happy to just think about it, superlative Prime Burger is reportedly going to close this Saturday after 74 years.

If true, this represents a heartbreaking loss to New York City foodies.

Prime Burger, put simply, is a New York City institution. Frankly, I hadn’t written it up as yet because it is one of those classic places that you never think is going to go anywhere.

Let me say it loud and clear: I adore Prime Burger.

They’ve been slinging quality burgers since, well, forever. Long before New York City got overrun by this specialty burger joint or that, or the Shake Shack and other such crappy imitators, there was Prime Burger.

Now, Prime Burger’s burgers aren’t the juiciest, biggest, fanciest or whatever. They are very straightforward burgers. It is a quintessential burger joint. It is perhaps THE quintessential burger joint and a window to the city that once was. Where neighborhood joints had counters and small booths. No frills, but welcoming.

The Prime Burger Deluxe is well worth your attention.

Most places, when you order a “deluxe,” you get a burger with a side of fries, lettuce and tomato.

At Prime Burger, the “deluxe” gets you a second burger!

And what puts Prime Burger over the top? It’s all about their relish. You take the little container of relish and tip it over your burger and an ordinary patty becomes extraordinary, juicy and delicious.

This is really heartbreaking. Run out and get yourself a Prime Burger with relish while you still can. Go take a seat and soak in the atmosphere. Watch the excellent video at the top of this piece, at a bare minimum.


Prime Burger

5 East 51st. 
New York, NY 10022
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