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Me Like Eat Special: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About How To Make Clear Ice Cubes (And Spheres) At Home

June 14, 2014
So clear you can barely see it... .

So clear you can barely see it… .

Years ago, any old ice cube would do for my drink. It didn’t matter what shape or size, its clarity or any of that. All it had to do was cool the drink down. Sure, I’d seen some “novelty” jumbo cubes – or even spheres – at the odd restaurant or bar, and they’d get me wondering “isn’t that neat,” but it always came off like a gimmick.

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ME LIKE EAT Special: The Best Way On Earth To Reheat Pizza (So Far)

May 10, 2014
What the heck is that, anyway?  Looks like a blob of tinfoil... .

What the heck is that, anyway? Looks like a blob of tinfoil… .

Every now and again you come across something so game-changing that life can be categorized as “before” and “after” the event, so large does it loom in the psyche, so consequential is it. Typically those events are either great tragedies (all too easily imaginable, I fear) or great joys, such as a wedding or birth of a child.

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UPDATE: ‘Is Toil Leam Ag Ithe’ In Scotland: Three Chimneys Restaurant On Isle Of Skye Makes Food Fit For A Scottish King

September 24, 2013
I am really hoping that's the proper Gaelic translation for "Me Like Eat" up there. Meanwhile, that's a sunset on Skye.

I am really hoping that’s the proper Gaelic translation for “Me Like Eat” up there. Meanwhile, that’s a sunset on Skye.

I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that by far one of the most beautiful places on Earth I have ever been is Isle of Skye, Scotland. It is devastating, haunting, unspoiled, ancient, mystical, remote and wonderful. Read more…

Stepping Into History At Bridges Barbecue Lodge In Shelby, NC

March 25, 2013
Right on the side of the road in Shelby... .

Right on the side of the road in Shelby… .

Our visit to Atlanta and North Carolina was concluding. Although we had eaten at some delicious barbecue spots along the way, including Fat Matt’s in Atlanta and 12 Bones in Asheville, because of the route we had taken (ending in Charlotte) we had had no opportunity to stop at any of the places along North Carolina’s barbecue trail. Obviously, this was unacceptable. Fortunately, Shelby was right on the way to Charlotte from Asheville, and there is a historic barbecue location on the way: Bridges Barbecue. Read more…

At Asheville’s The Admiral, There Be Food Here

March 22, 2013

While visiting the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, we quickly came to find out that the food served on the Estate – at least the meal we sampled at the Bistro – wasn’t particularly special, though not particularly bad either.
It was enough however to set our minds on leaving the vast Estate and to head back into town to try our luck at what we were told was the most popular restaurant in town, The Admiral.
Getting reservations at the place is impossible – the New York Times and Zagat both favor it – but it is apparently possible to try your luck dining at the bar, which we did. Read more…

Picking Over Asheville’s 12 Bones

March 21, 2013


After moving on from Atlanta we stayed in Highlands, NC before moving on to Asheville. I should mention we had a wonderful meal in Highlands at Madison’s, a surprisingly formal and fancy gourmet experience. I sampled the chef’s Quail schnitzel(!) with great satisfaction, but more on that another time.
While at Madison’s, the bartender – a serious ‘cue enthusiast – said we were essentially out of luck for truly high quality ‘cue in the area. But when we told him we were going to Asheville, he brightened, saying “There’s good ‘cue there” and pointed us at 12 Bones. The reception folks at our hotel in Asheville were enthusiastic as well, telling us that’s where the president eats when he comes through town. So my hopes were raised. Read more…

Me Like EAtlanta: The Varsity

March 20, 2013

Our first effort at dining in Atlanta went really well: Fat Matt’s Rib Shack was sensational. The Varsity was recommended to us by a very reliable source, so we set out to try it. I gather it is something of an Atlanta institution, or landmark. I had been told they make THE BEST burgers. Read more…

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