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Frites N Meats Burger Disappoints

December 21, 2010

I’ve been noshing happily on the Frites N Meats steak sandwich for the last three weeks after trying it on a whim. Once a week when the Frites N Meats truck comes around my office, I pretty much know what I’m getting. I recall trying their burger in the distant past and being a bit underwhelmed, but after the recent success of the skirt steak sandwich, I thought I’d revisit it.

A 'Wild Thang.'

I got their special burger today, the “Wild Thang.” They say it consists of a grassfed Angus patty, “wild ketchup chipotle,” fried onion rings, cheddar and Applewood smoked bacon. Sounds pretty tasty, no? It was, but it does not measure up to their skirt steak sandwich, which is delightful.

The patty is tasty, but a touch... generic.

First let’s start with the meat. The patty itself looks as though it comes out of your grocer’s freezer: it is round and flat, about as thick as your pinky. That said, the meat is tasty. The Angus does have that “bone in” note that I adore in a burger. The onion rings atop the burger were small and utterly unremarkable, a huge surprise considering how good their frites are. They didn’t add anything flavor or texture-wise to the meal. The lettuce was straightforward (not iceberg) but again nothing to write home about. The bun was pretty tasty, a brioche-style bun, not too sweet, flaky and light.

Spicy, but not up to the standard set by the steak sandwich.

However, the big problem with the burger was their “wild ketchup chipotle.” It packed plenty of heat and spice, enough to essentially wipe out all the other flavors of the burger.

Look, I’m not saying it’s a bad burger, it’s ok. But it was disappointing compared to the high standard set by the skirt steak sandwich. Next time they come around, I’m going to stick with that.

Frites ‘N’ Meats

Travels through NYC, check their website for location.
(917) 292-9226

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