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Fatty Crew & Cascabel At Holiday Pop-UpMarket

December 22, 2010

Ok, so it’s still cold, but it was sufficiently less cold for me to take another run at the Holiday Pop-Up Market in Columbus Circle, especially since they’re shutting down in just a few days. This time, though, I thought I’d take a run at the Fatty Crew beef sandwich, since it sort of looked sexy, and I am a fan (more or less) of Fatty Crab.

So disappointing... .

What a disappointment. The sandwich was totally boring, and tiny for $7. The braised beef had no particular mmph, the “cheese sauce” seemed more like a generous smear of mayo, and the chilis barely added any heat at all.

Two bites later, only two bites to go. Really?

It was so small that in just two bites I had already eaten half of the thing. I found myself feeling like a huge sucker. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, per se, it’s just totally uninteresting and a waste of time (and money). The most interesting thing about was the light, toasted bun. Sheesh!

Carnitas = yummy!

Determined not to let the whole effort be a complete waste, I decided to sample a $3 carnita from Cascabel. It too is quite small, although it is a good portion of meat. They give you some lime to squeeze on top. Guess what? It was delicious.

Delicious. Pretty, too!

It was rich, a touch smoky, good onion sweetness, and in every regard so much better than the beef sandwich I regretted not getting three of them and declaring victory for lunch. I think the carnita may have even beaten out the previously tried fried chicken biscuit from Pies N Thighs, and it now stands as “the thing to get” at this market for me.

The Holiday Market at Columbus Circle – with these vendors and more – is open until Dec. 24.

Columbus Circle
57th & Central Park West
New York, NY 10023
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