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Returning To Taim, This Time For Their Elusive Sabich

June 16, 2011
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Not very promising looking...

Reading around the foodie blogosphere I learned of a mysterious dish served up at the excellent Taim Mobile truck, something called a “sabich.” Recently I had the chance to try it.

So what exactly is it?

Well, a sabich sandwich involves thinly sliced fried eggplant and a boiled egg on a white pita. The sandwich itself clocks in at $6.75, with the larger platter formation (to include hummus and more) for $11.

Looks all bunched up...

The thing about sandwiches put in pitas is that they inevitably face construction issues. The ingredients must be stacked atop each other, and therefore there’s no way to get a mouthful with all the varieties of flavors together in it. In this case, the boiled egg was bunched together in the top corner of the sandwich.

That's a bit more like it.

So what you have here is an initial flavor (not surprisingly at all) of egg salad, and it is most welcome. There is a particularly pleasant faint mustard note to it. Beneath the slices of egg are thinly sliced, lightly fried medallions of eggplant. They have virtually no texture upon the bite, liquifying nearly instantly. In fact, the sensation is gratifying.

The chopped salad.

On balance, the overall sandwich is flavorful, satisfying, different, and lovely. The construction plays a significant issue. As a result, the chopped salad wound up on the bottom of the thing, like a separate course. So it’s a two-course sandwich: egg salad, then actual salad.

Taim Mobile

Moves around the city, check their website for details
Their mothership store can be found at
222 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014

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