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Sampling The Go Burger Truck

August 1, 2011

A short line. Wonder why?

The endless progression of gourmet food trucks continue, and I’m definitely noticing something: as more and more of them come onto the scene, the more it seems like some of the vendors are seizing the novelty of the “food truck moment” and getting away with serving meh food, hoping the hipness of the truck will carry the day. It won’t, it’s always the food that tells.

A recent example of this (for me) was found at the Go Burger Truck, where for $12 I got their cheeseburger ($5 +$1 for cheese) and side of onion rings ($5 + $1 tax overall).

Not exactly the most appetizing looking, right?

Let’s start with the burger, which they tout as consisting of “100% certified Black Angus beef… a combination of sirloin, short rib, chuck and brisket.” Sounds pretty fancy, right? Too bad you can hardly taste it beneath the giant, sweet brioche bun it is served on. I can’t tell you if it’s any good or not simply because I couldn’t taste it underneath all that bread. That’s a pity, because since they go through all that trouble trying to be fancy about their meat, you’d think they’d want to show it off, not bury it.

Nice thick rings

The onion rings, however, were winning. They are not as excellent as those from Lucky’s Famous, but nonetheless, they are the way I like them: wide, cooked up crunchy in batter. I think they could use some bread crumbs to get that crumbly, gnarly aspect I enjoy so much, but nonetheless, they were the clear star of the show. They’d do well for someone with a hangover, I’d imagine.

To quote the commercial: It's a very big bun.

I can’t recommend the burger, because I couldn’t really taste it. The rings were lovely. At $12 for both, I doubt I’ll go back again, unless it’s for just the rings.

Go Burger Truck

Travels around NYC, check their Twitter or website for details.
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